Volume Studio Productions

in conjunction with the Nanaimo Chamber


SHINE2020 Nanaimo - A Fantastic Day!

An all star cast of local musicians, dancers performers and more supported by Nanaimo's top hair stylists, makeup artist, and clothing outlets will take over the 

Nanaimo Conference Centre - 101 Gordon Street

April 11th - 2020 

in the spirit of the "day in the life of"

SHINE Nanaimo will take their guest on a theatrical extravaganza of music, dance and fashion and more to raise funds and awareness for the the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. 

This creative initiative will proved a platform for Nanaimo's artistic community to express themselves o their own terms ion the spirit of giving back.


Funds raised will be in support of the Intensive Care unit (ICU) at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. The Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundations fundraiser foal is $5 million dollars and will allow the purchase of all the medical equipment for the the new building, located at the back of the Emergency Departments.

SHINE is a celebration of the diversity creativity and talent within Nanaimo's aspiring independent and 

 artists who will unite to make a difference while celebrating multiculturalism inclusion and acceptance.  

Communities supporting Communites 


Photo credits - Ernest Von Rossen - Gail Stephens - Alan Hay