Dean Thullner - Veljacic

Founder • Executive Producer

Dean and his husband David Veljacic, are the proud owners of Volume Studio Ltd.


Dean is not only a central figure in Vancouver’s Davie Village, but also on Vancouver Island, which he and David now call home. Empowering and inspiring countless others to join him in giving back to the community. Dean is a veteran hairstylist and salon owner with a 35 year history, as well as being one of Vancouver’s foremost event charity event producers. 


He is passionate about assisting organizations that help individuals with HIV/ AIDS, Mental Health,  Addiction and Human Rights.


As well as raising funds and awareness – Dean is driven to actively bringing attention to removing stigmas while recognizing and bringing attention to the importance of all-inclusivity. Each year, with the support of the LGBTQ+ and artistic communities, Dean brings together a multitude of volunteers.  With his enthusiasm for giving back he leads over 400 hairstylists, makeup artists, models, dancers, musicians and actors all in the spirit of giving back to Vancouver’s challenged communities. Being part of the community and having this chance to give back is something Dean both values and see as essential for creating stronger communities of like-minded people.

"Everything Dean does has an element of back is second nature to this outstanding individual"


Vanessa Purdy

Assistant Producer

This creative individual is a performance artist and production assistant who has volunteered her time and talent for local entertainment companies  and nonprofit societies.


Vanessa's combination of her Bachelor of Science Nursing degree and her dedication and compassionate to the wellness of others results in a passionate individual who cares about brining together communities to support awareness. Vanessa is an advocate for mental health and addiction  harm reduction and community awareness. 


Vanessa  has been both in front of and behind the camera helping raise funds and awareness for a variety of event and causes.


Vanessa has enjoyed time emceeing and hosting different events and fundraiser fort the benefit of others.


Teresa Laturnus

Production Coordinator 

This dedicated and invaluable team member is our intrepid production coordinator.

Teresa gives countless hours to every project and is crucial to the success of each and every Volume Studio Production.  With style, professionalism and grace Teresa manages countless volunteers. 

Giving back to the community is something Teresa values and therefore dedicates hours of her time to the team.

Teresa has both friends and family members who suffer from mental health and addiction issues and feels very strongly in giving back while being passionate in helping in any way she can.

"Without Teresa, the show would not go on!"

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Bruce Gerrish

Musical Director

Singer, songwriter, performer and music producer.


Bruce Gerrish writes his own distinctive brand of catchy, curious and heartfelt songs that celebrate a diversity of musical styles appealing to people from all ages and backgrounds. Bruce has been playing to critical acclaim for many years and has a repertoire that spans multiple genres from catchy originals to exceptional renditions of classic standards presented in his own inimitable style. He is a versatile vocalist, entertainer and accomplished musician who accompanies himself on acoustic guitar and piano.


He works as a solo performer or as the leader of The Shinolas- an eclectic "good-times" group that combines first rate instrumentation with an abundantly fun stage presence

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Tanya Billingham

Makeup Lead

Tanya has been a freelance makeup artist for over ten years and  has actively been involved in charity fashion events for some time now.

In all Volume Studio Productions, Tanya is efficient and professional managing a group of over 60 volunteer makeup artist. 

Tanya loves that she is able to give back to the communities through her talents and artistry.  Giving back to, and raising awareness for mental health, is something Tanya is dedicated and passionate about as she herself is Bi-Polar.


Tanya sees this opportunity and willingness to make a difference in something that not only directly affects her, but to so many others who struggle with mental health while addressing the need to remove the stigma.

"The biggest gift to those who suffer from mental illness to remove the stigma."


Hemingway Ladouceur - Lead Stylist

I have been a part of Volume Studio's events since the very beginning.


I am determined to give back to the community that accepted me with open arms and a non-profit fundraiser like this one, is exactly the way for me to do it. We need a platform like SHINE to make sure our voices are heard. 

I get to do what I love while creating these amazing memories and making connections that will last a lifetime.


"Getting to work with amazing designers and talents like the ones you see today keeps me going." 

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Ian & Erin


This dynamic duo are responsible for the visuals for Volume Studio Productions.

Not a easy job creating, over several months, visuals for the background of each production. Working hand in hand with hundreds of volunteers, this terrific and talented twosome bring ideas to fruition with flair and expertise.

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Gwenda Lorenzetti
Auction Coordinator

Gwenda is a Vancouver-based actor, whose “day-job” is working for a local non-profit.  Always eager to support a great cause, enriched by giving back and helping others, Gwenda is excited to return to the SHINE team in support of the Nanaimo & District Hospital Foundation. For years, Gwenda has volunteered her time to a wide variety of local community organizations and charities, including: arts and culture festivals, literacy programs, health and wellness 

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Mariel Anderson

Backstage Manager

From skaters to models, fast cars to the mini vans, Mariel Nichole Anderson is the leader of the Spectrum team and driving force of their manifesto and mission statement. She never grew up sticking to a singular clique or group of people because she believed that everyone, no matter their differences, should be unified and brought together. Never separated by the opinions and stipulations of wrong versus right, because for her, it is right to connect and to connect is to share. She has lived a multitude of different lives from horse training all the way to a Bachelors Degree in Counselling. Based on her care and love for all things, Mariel created Spectrum Events (Rainbowfest & Featherfest). An events company mounted on the back of collaboration, love, support, education and societal change, trumping the inadequacies of social norms and creating